Kyoto Gion Matsuri

Gion Matsuri is a festival dedicated to the Gion Shinto shrine where the Gion
god is enshrined.

The name of "Gion Matsuri" is due to Matscami, and has the difference by not constancy but the region about the content of the event. Moreover, it is classified with the one the same as for "Tennoumats" as which Matscami is the same. On the other hand, the name of "Gion" might be named though it is a festival of a Shinto shrine not related to the Gion belief. The many are done from the character of Matscami in various parts of Japan including the one of Yasaka Shrine (Gion company) in Kyoto that it is a summer festival held praying for the epidemic fleeing and the charm from July through August, and is a total headquarters.

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