The Edo period that had been called Osaka a kitchen in the whole country came to line with the warehouse residence in each clan to use the Dojima river in old Yodogawa and Tosa Horikawa's water transportation, and for goods of nationwide various places to gather in here. These warehouse residences were sold, the school and the hospital including not only the role as Osaka's commerce and the center of the business but also cultural facilities and the Osaka empire universities (present and Osaka University) such as libraries and public halls were constructed, and to the Meiji era the place of dispatch of information and the culture in modern Osaka.

The development of the west was later for the east part though the vicinity of Nakanoshima was a business street where Osaka was represented. However, the move from suburbs of National Museum of Art, Osaka etc. are advanced to the development of the Osaka University site, the international congress center, and the construction of the Osaka municipal science pavilion, the Keihan Nakanoshima line is constructed additionally, and the redevelopment of the surrounding is active in recent years. The center of economy and the politics of Osaka though not introduced so much in the television.

Nakanoshima Park is a valuable park in the central area of Tokyo, and the rosery is famous. Moreover, a lot of events are held, and the Renaissance of the Nakanoshima festival and light is held every year.

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