It is Kyoto of autumn.
This photograph was taken in Tofukuji.
Tofukuji is a buddhist temple of the Rinzai sect Tofukuji faction chief temple in Kyoto City Higashiyama Ward Hommachi. It is day mountain and title as for the mountain title. In the principal image, Article 9 road person and the founder are Shien of one sage country in Buddha Shakyamuni and an open radical (founder). It prospered as a temple of the zen sect of Five Great Zen Temples of Kyoto in the fourth place through the early modern age in the Middle Ages. It is Otera academy that still has the minor temple (, Yamauchi buddhist temple) in 25 or the temple now even though the scale was reduced by Haifts Shac at the Meiji era.

A lot of trees of the maple such as the trefoil maples (It has divided into three leafing ahead) that are called "Cayoten Momige" transmitted from Song are in precincts. Original is the one that it is deforested by the reason "It comes in future generations and come in the place of making merry", and the maple tree was planted though was planted of the cherry blossoms tree.

Moreover, the temple region was requisitioned, and Russian soldier captive's
accommodation facilities in the Russo-Japanese War at the Meiji era.

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