Heaven Yorocomot year's (1053) construction. It is built in Nakashima of Geike of the paradise type garden for the east. An inside temple where the principal image amitabha Buddha image is enshrined, a right and left transept, and four houses of O in the inside temple back in total are specified for the national treasure for "Byodo-in Chinese phoenix temple". Inside temple is main building of insertion make, and addition mokoshi. From outside building to opening yen window to height of head of principal image, and worship of principal image amitabha Buddha's looks of the lattice between pillars when door at center in front of east side is openedAmitabha Buddha's living paradise paradise can believe it is to the west, and is the one intended to face from the east shore (Or, east shore of Ujigawa who flows in front of the temple) on the pond and to worship Amida zou in the shore (equinoctial week). It is a reproduction that it is on the roof now, and is kept the thing (national treasure) separately detaching it though Chinese phoenix (bird in the imagination) couple image has been placed on the roof of an inside temple. The principal image amitabha Buddha image (national treasure) is the only posthumous work in which a sculptor of Buddhist image fixed morning is established and exists. Dan that enshrined the principal image was decorated with Nishi and Cazacanag, a surrounding door and the wall were decorated with a richly-colored painting, and coloring Ayasama was given to the ceiling and the pillar. Musical instruments are played, there is a relief of the holding a service bodhisattva of the appearance to dance the dance (52 the in existence) in the wall of Chouo, and the canopy of elaborate openwork is hung on overhead of the principal image. The image of the paradise that an aristocrat at that time imagined was reproduced, and it seems that it was the magnificent one in the temple of the creation this time though coming off of the wall painting is intense, the decoration of the pillar and the ceiling fades, and it drops out to Nishi of Dan now. The name of "Phoenix Hall" was from Edo period, and it was called, "Temple" at first .."Amida-dou".. only. The Byodo-in Chinese phoenix temple is designed in ten yen coin in Japan and the Chinese phoenix with which it is decorated on the roof of Phoenix Hall is being designed by 10000 yen note.

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