kyoto uji-city Cherry blossoms festival

It is Ujigawa's cherry blossoms festival. There is Uji Byodo-in of World
Heritage to be near.
Byodo-in is a buddhist temple of Mr. Fujiwara in Kyoto Prefecture Uji City. Construction, the buddhist image, the painting, and the garden etc. of the latter term of the Heian era and the 11th century are told today, and it is registered in World Heritage partially of "Cultural asset of Old Town Kyoto". The mountain title is called a morning sun mountain. The sect combines jodo sect and Tendai sect in the back in the 17th century, and is a Buddhist temple of single Ta that doesn't belong to a specific sect now. The principal image is amitabha Buddha, an open radical is Tanocayo Fujiwara, and the founder is Atout.

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